Facial Specialist Course

The Facial Specialist Course at Meraki Esthetics Institute is ideal for individuals interested in the medi-spa industry. This course offers a thorough curriculum that not only meets but exceeds the licensure requirements in Florida. Covering essential topics like skin analysis, care products, and various techniques, it prepares students for real-world scenarios in spas. The blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training under expert supervision ensures graduates are well-equipped for professional success.

Course Objectives:

The Facials Specialist Program at Meraki Esthetics Institute is tailored for students seeking licensure and entry-level opportunities in the medi-spa industry. It provides a comprehensive curriculum, focusing on broad, applicable skills in facials and skincare. The program ensures a deep understanding of skincare essentials, including hair removal and makeup techniques. Completing this course, students will accumulate 300 hours of training, which notably surpasses Florida’s state requirement of 220 hours for licensure, thereby providing them with an advanced level of preparation in this field.

Course Description:

The program blends theory with practical training in a simulated medical spa setting under the supervision of qualified instructors licensed by the state of Florida. Clinical and simulated laboratory learning is correlated with didactic instruction. 

The program includes but is not limited to human relations and employability, legal and ethical responsibilities, principles of infection control (HIV/AIDS and hepatitis), first aid, verbal and written communications, principles of office management, client physical comfort, sanitation and safety functions, anatomy and physiology, biology of hair growth, understanding and following clients plan of care, principles of client assessment, and a review for the state licensing requirements.

Students will also learn FL cosmetology law and rules, safety/sanitation, chemistry, bacteriology, art of makeup, basic manicuring and pedicuring, and will be able to perform manipulative and electrical techniques required in the practice of a facial/skincare specialist.

Meraki Esthetics Institute will assist the graduating student in contacting the appropriate credentialing agency to complete the necessary forms required for application for licensure. The school will provide a diploma as proof of completing the program with the required number of clock hours

Cost Break out:

  • Fees
  • Other Associated Costs
  • Books & Supplies
  • Tuition

Total: $4,375

(Supplies & Materials included in price)